Liquid Creative Agency Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising in Frankston, Victoria, Australia on QMV-D329

Traditionally, having your advertisement displayed on a billboard would require a large investment; complicated contracts with billboard agents; high print production costs; plus a limited access to the data to see how your billboard is even performing. 

But look, it’s 2020. Things don’t need to be so complicated anymore! 

In partnership with CAASie, we are now expanding our digital marketing solutions to include out-of-home (OOH) advertising by offering our clients access to a range of premium billboards, bus stops and other digital signage, all over Australia and the rest of the world – and the best part? It works just like typical digital marketing with a pay-per-play pricing model, so you have complete control over how much you would like to spend on advertising, just like you do with Social Media and Google advertising.

Want to know more about our outdoor advertising solutions? Click here to check out the outdoor advertising services page to find all of the details!

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